Welcome to our blog

This is our work area, practice turf, public square.  You’ll all have chances to post in words and images.

First you’ll need to register with WordPress to create a username and password.

  1. Go to WordPress.com by clicking here.
  2. Sign up.  Invent a username that is some identifiable form of your name. Mine is GWScott.  (Your Elon username might work.)  You might find yourself using this  WordPress username in other courses and projects, so keep it simple and obvious (partly so future employers can link your name to your good work).
  3. WordPress may give you a prompt to create a blog.  Don’t click there.  You’re joining an existing blog at this moment.  You may create your own in the future, but not now.  All you need now is to register.
  4. I’ll send you an invitation via email to join our course blog. Just click on that and key in username and password when prompted.  Once you’re confirmed as an author, you’ll be ready to post.