Tread on the cobblestone

Pedaling on- William (left) and Spencer decide it is a nice day for a bike ride near the Alumni Gym on Elon Universities campus. Students and many locals take their time to enjoy the universities beautiful campus known for its historical buildings and bright flowers.



Not in Bermuda anymore

Kaylin Skipwith imagines herself pacing back and forth with nerves for her upcoming graduate school boot camp next week.

Skipwith, 24, is worked up with anxieties and is trying to find ways to mentally prepare for the weeks to come. Skipwith obtained a Communications degree from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is now pursuing a graduate degree in Interactive Media at Elon University.

Skipwith has been working at a content marketing firm called PACE for two years and became quite comfortable with her routine in the office. Entering the school atmosphere is what she thinks will be most difficult for her to get used to. She claims she was in “lazy mode,” and was vacationing in Bermuda leading up to her seminars this week at Elon where she says, “I got a taste of what its like to be back in the classroom.” She recognized that this program was for her when she started her work at PACE and wanted to be more hands on in the work the company was doing. Skipwith adds,

“I noticed the opportunities and wanted to pursue this degree.”

Skipwith hopes to gain new skill sets and acquire more knowledge of the things that interest her most. Her interests range from graphic design, art, and doing video work. Skipwith is just concerned with as she puts it, “having to reprogram my brain for that lifestyle.” She has been doing some research to prepare herself for the iMedia program but still worries for the workload to come.

Skipwith, as well as many other students, realize that it takes a lot of hard work to be prepared for graduate school. It takes dedication, focus, attention to detail and lots of heart.

The case of too many dresses

Written by Leandra Medine, this article is explaining why creating a capsule wardrobe is hard for some and why Medine is taking on this task. Medine is the creator of Man Repeller, based in New York City, known for its fun and unique twists on fashion. She started Man Repeller as a fashion blog and it quickly stood out for her quirky and “out of the box” style. “Man Repeller is now an award winning multimedia business as well as a global community connecting style, humor, feminism, and culture to name a few, says the websites bio.” I chose to examine a piece she personally had written to just take a look at her writing style and her personality in her writing. As a big fan of her in general, I am always interested in reading what she is doing now or what she is doing next.

Medine is a fun loving gal who is known for wearing ruffles from head-to-toe one day to a slick blazer the next. Her writing style translates effortlessly when you know her for these types of things. She’s smart, witty, bold enough to be vulnerable to her viewers and genuinely loves what she does. Her writing is easy to follow and straight to the point. I know immediately I am getting her opinion in a funny yet articulate way. She takes her life and expresses it uniquely to where she can call her self out on things and make her experiences and ideas relatable to readers. She admits in the text,

“Some days I wake up and literally have no clue what I am doing here.”

She creates an intimate setting like you are reading an entry from her journal. “Recently, I am learning that just because I could have it does not mean I should have it, nor do I need to have it, but I still swim among the relics of a younger mentality”, for example. Her wording shows great imagery into her perspective on life’s little things, decision making, finding yourself, connecting with yourself, all while maintaing humor in it all.

Medine opened and closed her article well. Explaining her wish to minimalize her closet yet she is so bound to most of the items in her closet for the simple fact she loves clothes! I learned that a well planned out piece of writing is engaging, even if its just about one woman’s wish to simply clean out her closet. She crafted it with wit and some photos for reference and bolded some areas that described more important things so it was enjoyable to follow. It prompts me to want to explore more ways of writing that involve personal opinions on things and specifics of life some people struggle with, or are passionate about also. I feel it is important to reach certain groups of people but also various kinds of people at that.