Updating Elon’s oldest building

July 2017, Elon University — David Morales smiles despite the afternoon heat after installing new air conditioning in West Hall. Morales, a student of mechanical engineering, has been working this summer to update the residence hall, located in Elon’s Historic Neighborhood. It is the oldest building on campus.

Lessons in adaptability

Sometimes the smallest things in life cause us to adapt and change directions in a big way. For Trey Caldwell it was a mere two-point margin that caused him not to pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test to follow the career paths of both his parents. Trey would have to wait another six months before re-taking the test, but rather than getting discouraged, Trey used this turning point to pause and consider what he wanted out of his career as he kept an open mind to new opportunities.

When Trey graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in graphic design he had no thoughts of graduate school. He intended to look for a job or go into the Air Force and possibly pursue information security. But he still had a strong interest in graphics that he hoped would be a part of his future career. Trey kept hearing great things about an Interactive Media Master’s Degree program at Elon University from friends, professors and alumni, so he chose to apply.

In the iMedia Program Trey is excited to pursue his passion for graphics and coding, and to learn more about working with animation and new technology. “It’s always good to keep your mind open and learn new things,” he said. By learning many skills rather than just one specialized skill, Trey knows he will be able to adapt in a rapidly changing career. “Media and technology are always adapting and changing so you have to learn how to adjust yourself with that,” he said.

Many of us have experienced these defining moments in life that determine which direction we will take based on the attitude we have towards failure and opportunity. It is a valuable lesson that recent college graduates and people in their 20’s especially must learn from experience. We learn to appreciate moments of failure as opportunities for pause and reflection, when we might discover something about ourselves we didn’t realize before, and head in a new and exciting direction.

Skift: the future of travel and technology

By Sarah E. Donahue

Skift is a remarkable brand name which comes from the Nordic word meaning “shift” or “transformation,” and the company is all about that idea of transformation: “that shift into the future of travel.” The Skift brand has positioned itself at the center of the global travel industry and aims to be a “homepage” for travel tech information and intelligence.

Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing MEDIA, INSIGHTS and MARKETING to key sectors of travel.”

Read more about Skift here: https://skift.com/about/

I chose to delve deeper into a piece titled: “Skift Manifesto: THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL IN 2020” because I am interested in travel and technology, and I would enjoy working for a company like Skift in the areas of design, storytelling, coding, research and content creation.

The Skift website is notable for having outstanding content and design. Word selection, sentence structure and graphic design choice for color, font, and placement work together seamlessly to communicate this Manifesto in a clear, concise and captivating manner. The first page of the manifesto has few, but powerful words:

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.34.48 PM
Image: https://skift.com/about/

This page is concise and wastes no time getting to the point.

The manifesto does not limit itself by always being so succinct; in turn it also emphasizes the beauty of words by peppering its paragraphs with unique and colorful word choices as in this sentence:

“Watch out for the rise of Southeast Asia, that cauldron of teeming humanity that is very mobile & very social.”

Skift has met the goals it set out for itself in this manifesto, of creating content that is “smart, sharp, surgical & strategic” and also meaningful.