Brick by brick

Lining Elon University sidewalks, bricks are dedicated to decades of alumni who participated in Martin Alumni Center’s Pave the Way campaign, “Brick by Brick.”  These personal bricks allow senior and alumni donors to leave a permanent mark on campus with their name, graduation year and on campus affiliations.

Unemployed Together

Amanda Travis packed up the car and started down the road from Durham, North Carolina for the start of the iMedia Master’s Program at Elon University.

Travis, 27, as excited as she was for the start of a new chapter, anxiety was also setting in.  Being employed throughout undergrad and working up to 60 hours postgraduate came to a halt, leaving her job and being unemployed for the first time in five years.  A new lifestyle was also put forth going from an apartment by herself with many perks to living with no washer and dryer, no dishwasher and a new roommate.

“Learning to adjust without amenities and the convenience of having it there was a big change in many ways.”

With the motivation to gain user experience design knowledge and the potential to fall in love with another media platforms covered in within the program, she knows this sacrifice is worth every penny.

Although Travis is adjusting to her new routine along with many others who have gathered from across the country for the iMedia Program.  She is focused on her future and knows this is a great opportunity and worth the unemployment, debt and the struggles that we will all tackle together.

Craft beer and food! What more could you want?

While examining the work of Lisa Fogarty in Paste Magazine’s, “How to Host Your Own Beer Flight and Food Pairing,”  I noticed how refreshingly original her style is.  Choosing this article I considered my personal interests in craft beer and food and I saw while it was straight forward it was still informative and it was technically sound in breaking down how to host a food and beer flight pairing.

Fogarty presents her writing in a way that is accessible to all readers, reminding us that we can host our own beer flight and food pairing and turn it into a casual evening with friends in our own homes.  She then adds quotes from the the well known Andrew Gerson, chef and head of culinary programming at Brooklyn Brewery stating ,“You will begin to notice how many of these styles and flavor profiles tend to lend themselves to so many of these pairings.” Additionally adding a casual quote where Gerson says,

“making flights at home is a fun way to avoid the cold and drink in sophistication, in your pajamas.”

In conclusion, Fogarty adds not only beer suggestions but pictures to accompany them and several details for each pairing with Gerson’s taste notes and her own personal notes.

As a reader, I believe that Fogarty shows great style because of its accessibility and multiple media platforms.  I believe that Fogarty’s goal in this article was to allow basic and advanced craft beer drinkers to feel comfortable in hosting their own craft beer and food pairing.  Well mission accomplished!  By adding pictures it made it more appealing for people that are not as familiar with what to look for when locating a specific craft beer brand.  What amazed me was the addition of food and beer notes from both Fogarty and Gerson.  The details listed and the thoroughness allows someone less familiar with craft beer to know what to from these pairings and to almost taste it themselves while reading.  Noticing these things allowed me to see the effectiveness of connecting to the reader through the screen and what the best way is to portray that based on what the topic of the article is.