Top brands spend billions on interactive video ads


By Gardy S. Swengbe

Chris Roebuck, founder and CEO of Clicktivated Video, published an article in on top brands expected to spend billions using interactive pre-roll video ads, for additional engagement with their consumers. I enjoyed reading an analysis on brands such as Facebook and Tommy Hilfiger, and their plan to increase product placement, eliminate passive video ads and enhance user interface.

Mr. Roebuck included completion rate percentages to highlight the ineffectiveness of pre-roll ads. He writes, “the lion’s share of video spend goes to cheap ineffective pre-roll (currently 60 percent). It generates a 78 percent completion rate, and is five times more likely to be abandoned compared to mid-roll units.”  The decision to include completion rate percentages helped me realize the importance of monitoring consumer behavior.

 “With swipes, taps and custom animations — the possibilites are nearly endless” 

Interactive video ads will transform the way top brands target consumers. Imagine a world where you “actually” enjoy and welcome those intruding ads – – the possibilities are infinite.