In the eye of the beholder


Every journey has its own beauty. At the end of our first week of grad school, I notice that only a few students are on campus. In a month from now these red-brick walkways will be full of students.


Inspiration from duty

Jonathan Wilkinson, began his collegiate journey at the University of Chapel Hill. During his time there he felt like he had a higher calling in life, so he decided to join the army. Mr. Wilkinson served in the army for six years. Being stationed in Egypt in 2013 would open his eyes to a new path, and ignite his passion for social media and strategy. His mission started with just upholding the Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt, but he knew and felt bone deep like there was more that could be done.

He arrived home from serving his country and decided to finish his bachelor’s degree in Greensboro, North Carolina. at Guilford College. As an undergrad, he studied history and philosophy. With the urge to serve his country still burning within, Mr. Wilkinson looked for a way to turn his passion to reality.

With little knowledge on how social media and strategy, the only thing left for Mr. Wilkinson to do is try and further educate himself. So he shopped around and found the Imedia program at Elon University. He felt like the program would give him the skills he needed to entry in a field where he can be passionate.

Mr. Wilkinson, accompanied by 14 classmates during his summer seminar, came into the interactive media program with different backgrounds, and the ambition to gain a toolbox of trades that can help further each student’s passionate interests in Imedia and more. Not one peer background the same in the imdea class of 2018, but each student is working to better themselves in order to further their career.

Health care repeal, but no replace.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a real political guy.  There are a lot of big issues   that are happening with our government, and health care right now that I wish more people would take notice to.

I chose to take note to a particular CNN article going into detail about some of the issues raised with the repeal.

Authors  MJ Lee and Phil Mattingly were very detailed when going over this report. I was able to notice a lot of characters from AP style throughout the article. A big indicator of AP style being used was when the authors started to explain dates, times and amounts.

This article tries to do it’s best with creating clarity, because this is actually something that can effect millions of Americans leaving mothers, fathers and children without any type of health care. With that info present, all Americans should take more notice to whats going on with the repeal process.

The way each statement was planed out with complete ground breaking facts, moved me. Such as this quote being placed towards the end of the article to ask the reader to question whats really going to happen if the repeal goes through; “According to a Democratic aide, the holdup was over language in the amendment about Planned Parenthood, and whether it passed the so-called “Byrd Rule,” which determines what language is permissible under the budget reconciliation process.” Within the repeal process some of my main concerns are the fact that programs such as this one above will most likely cease to exist as well as more than 30 million Americans losing Health care.

Give it a look “”