Graduate “Tendon”cies

The high pitched squeak of shoes gliding across the fresh waxed floor followed by the rythmatic thump of the basketball going up in down the court fill the air at the camp Dexter Jenkins has been working at these past few months. Yet the only sound that occupied his head were the jarring thoughts of his future.

Dexter graduated in 2016 from Western Carolina; shortly after graduating he spent a lot of time applying for different jobs. With little success he soon began to focus his time on basketball, his favorite sport. Dedicating this last year to his craft also gave him a lot of time to figure out his long term goals.

Reluctantly, Dexter met up with a old friend who recently graduated from the imedia program at Elon University who recommended the experience. Keeping his options open Dexter applied for the program while also continuing to improve his craft in sports. Incidentally though, after playing a pick-up game, Dexter tore his Achilles tendon and was bedridden for three weeks.

“I felt as though this was my sign.”

Dexter proclaims, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel he sees this otherwise tragic defeat as a sign that he should go back to school. Now here in the program he hopes to take advantage of everthing Elon has to offer. Like most graduates, Dexter went through a time of confusion and frustration figuring out what is next in his life. Although he got his answer in a robust way, he now has the chance to learn in a new environment and gain knowledge few people get.